Massada is a new concept in the world of beauty and personal skin care.

All raw materials and minerals are carefully selected by our laboratory, resulting in a holistic line with deliciously scented natural products.

AAll formulas are free from parabens, alcohol and synthetic perfumes. The products are environmentally friendly, not tested on animals and only contain natural ingredients, such as plant extracts, vitamins, mineral salts, bio-essential oils and floral waters.

The Bio Cellular products contain the ECOCERT label, which gives the best guarantee for natural and ecological cosmetics.

The result is a wide range of products that contain 100% natural and active ingredients.

Each Massada treatment is a unique Wellness experience.

All treatments include: cleansing, diagnosis, deep cleansing, modulating of the eyebrows, holistic facial massage, mask, ZenSa shoulder-neck massage, serum and day care.

The treatments are tailored to each skin type and can be in combination with the various treatments described below.

The customer gets pampered with a wonderful ZenSa hand massage during the exposure time of the mask.


Skin restorative - Bio Cellular 

Treatment for skin types that need intensive restorative treatment, or that have been damaged (for example, medical treatments - chemotherapy, scars, excessive sunlight...), or for very sensitive or allergic skin types.  The treatment can be used for both young and mature skin.

It restores the layers of the skin and combats cell ageing.  Regenerates, stimulates and restores the balance of the skin tissues, resulting in visibly healthier, energized and deeply hydrated skin.

Senitive Skin Prebiotics

Treatment for dry, flaky and sensitive skin types, with redness, blemishes, and rosacea. The treatment can be used for both young and mature skin.


This treatment contains PREBIOTICS that promotes the growth of good skin bacteria and protects the skin against inflammation and infections.  It soothes, moisturises and restores the skin tissue.

Oily & Acné Prone Skine     

Treatments for young or older skin types with acne. (in cure form: 4 treatments in 1 month 240 €)

Restores the skin's PH balance, minimizes pores, purifies and regulates sebaceous gland secretion. The anti-inflammatory active ingredients and bacteria help remove pimples and reduce redness. This treatment works quickly, results-oriented and with visible effect.

Whitening - Clarifying

Treatment for skin types that suffer from uneven pigmentation, scars and spots, due to skin ageing. The treatment can be used for both young and mature skin.

Thanks to the rich formulas of the Massada Whitening, it helps brightening the skin, eliminates skin discolouration, evens out the tone, reduces blemishes and uneven pigmentation.  In addition, the treatment includes a preventative therapy that helps reduce future pigmentation.

Hyalluronic - Lifting and firming   

Treatment for mature or early maturing skin.

This ultra hydrating treatment immediately creates a natural lifting effect. This skilful formula, with a perfectly balanced amount of Hyaluronic Acid, penetrates deeply through the three layers of the skin and is so effective and result-oriented that the wrinkles are filled visibly and long-lasting and the skin feels firmer and softer.

Pearl Perfection Glow and shine Boost your skin

From the age of 27 years. Also, the ideal treatment for wedding or special occasions, in order to create an instant flash effect.

The unique composition of active ingredients reduces the muscle contractions, which cause wrinkles and expression lines in the face, for a specific duration (natural Botox effect).  This treatment moisturises and protects the skin and makes it firm. It brings back the youthfulness and softness of your skin.

70MIN - 80€

60min - 70€

70 min - 70€

60 min - 70€

70min - 75€

60 min - 75€