10 benefits of sugar wax

* 100% natural ingredients

* 50% less painful

* No allergic reactions

* Minimum of irritations and redness

* The hair doesn't break so that ingrown hairs have no chance

* Happens at body temperature, so there is no risk of burns

* It is water soluble

* Hair growth decreases after each treatment and the hair structure is refined

* Extremely suitable for sensitive areas

* Results in soft, hydrated skin

Face : Ladies

Eyebrows                             €10

Upper lip                              €10

Chin + lower lip                    €10

Cheeks                                  €15

Neck                                      €10

Entire face                           €32            

Combination advantage   -20%

Body : Ladies

Lower Legs +                       €25

knee + feet

Upper legs                           €25

Entire legs                           €40

Entire legs +                        €45

groin area

Armpits                                 €15

Bikini (next to slip edge     €15

and abdomen)

Bikini ++ (slip edge                €19

shifted and abdomen)


Chest                                   €25

Chest + belly                       €40

Back                                     €40

Chest + belly + back           €60

Before and after care for sugar hair removal

Before hair removal: 

-24 hours before the sugar hair removal NO SCRUB on your body. Unlike the classic resin, the sugar just needs the dead skin cells to stick to it.

-DO NOT apply BODY MILK or other moisturizing products the night before and the day of the sugar hair removal.

Up to 4 hours after hair removal:

-Avoid heatdo not take a shower, tanning bed or sauna.

-Don't sunbathe

-Avoid sweating

-Avoid clothes that are to tight, this can provoke irritation because the follicles are still open.

Tips and facts 

-Exfoliating twice a week prevents ingrown hairs and an itchy feeling when the new hairs grow back.

-With dry skin, the hairs are difficult to get through and it is recommended to moisturize the skin well with a body milk, lotion...

-If you have always shaved, it is best to stop 10 days before your first sugar hair removal.

-Your hair should be about a grain of rice when you come by for your first sugar hair removal.