You enjoy a professional massage with full respect for your personal privacy.

The heated massage table gives you an immediate ZEN feeling.

The massage table is easily accessible for less mobile people due to its very low entry. It can be adjusted to a comfortable semi-sitting position when lying completely flat is difficult.

As a wonderful ending, your feet will be pampered with 2 warm towels.

The benifits of massage

* Rest in your mind.                         

* Reduced feeling of tension, stress or anxiety.

* A general well-being of body and mind.

* You sleep better

* Better blood circulation

* Better disposal of waste

Releasing blockages

Relief from sore and tensemuscles.

Relaxation massage

With gentle techniques and slow movements, this massage is a ZEN moment that provides total relaxation that rebalances your body and mind.


* Better blood circulation         

* Better disposal of residues

* Reduced feeling of tension, stress or anxiety

* A general well-being of body and mind

Vitalizing massage

This energetic massage is a combination of Bracci (forearm massage), alternated with gentle relaxation techniques.

This massage is a bit more intense, because more attention is paid to the stress points in your body.


* Clearing of blockages

* Relief of painful muscles    

* Better disposal of residues

* Reduced feeling of tension, stress or anxiety

* Promotes recovery and healing after intensive exertions

* A general well-being of body and mind

Hot stone massage

The combination of massage, the warmth of the stones and the wonderful scents of essential oils, provide a well-being feeling of deep relaxation and bring the body back into balance.


* Detoxifying

* Provides a better sleeping pattern 

* Promotes the blood flow

* Promotes self-healing of the body

* Relieves muscle pain

Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy is a magical event, but it can be accompanied by many changes both emotionally and physically.

A massage can offer great support at these times.

The massage is given in the side and back position with the necessary support and is less intensive than the other massages

It is a wonderful moment of rest for mom and the baby and for me as a masseur it is very special to be able to give this beautiful moment in your special phase of life.


* Release of oxytoxin which decreases stress

* Blood pressure drops, breathing becomes calmer

* Stabilization of mood swings

Pregnancy Package

Foot bath + foot scrub

Pregnancy massage

Full facial care

Thai foot massage

This Thai foot massage has been used in Eastern countries for thousands of years.

Our organs can be found in the form of meridians on the soles of our feet. By stimulating pressure points on these meridians, the body receives impulses to supply the parts, which have become unbalanced by stress, with enough blood and energy and blockages can be removed.

This massage consists of a foot bath, heat wrap (great for cold feet), massage of the lower leg and feet. You will experience this as a relaxing and blissful massage, with a lot of after-effect of general well-being; even days later.

Anti- stress hoofd-nek en schoudermassage

Deze  massage is een  diep ontspannende, energetische massage van  schouders, nek en hoofd die spanningen en blokkades losmaken  De massage kan bovenop de kledij, gegeven worden. 


* Clearing of blockages

* Relief of painful muscles    

* Better disposal of residues

* Reduced feeling of tension, stress or anxiety

* Promotes recovery and healing after intensive exertions

* A general well-being of body and mind

Japanese facial and head massage

Do you suffer from stress, bad sleep, headaches, ... then it often shows on your face!

The Japanese facial massage helps to relax your face and gives you back a beautiful natural look and relieves you from tension headaches.

1* A shoulder and neck massage for a better blood flow to your face.

2* The facial massage stimulates the muscle tissue in the face and this improves blood circulation and reduces the tension of the facial muscles. Toxins and waste products are released.

3* The energetic part of the massage is the most unique and important part of the Japanese facial massage. Pressure points and meridians are stimulated here with numerous benefits for healthy skin and to harmonize Ki.

4* A relaxing head massage and lymphatic drainage to remove the waste.

5* Finally, the face is cleansed and nourished with day cream.

Having this massage performed regularly helps as a natural facelift.

Children's massage

Does your child sometimes ask to stroke its back or its hair?

That are signs that your child also experiences the positive effects of massages and needs relaxation and rest.

Children also suffer from stress, fear of failure, concentration problems and bad sleep.

Child massage gives your child a safe and secure feeling, helps your child to better process and release impressions, sleep better and gain more self-confidence.

During the massage, soothing and gentle massage techniques are applied that are tailored to your child.

Legs and feet massage

This massage provides relief for heavy legs, sore and/or cold feet

Back, shoulder and neck massage

Heavy job, or office work? This beneficial massage provides relief from stress and/or tensed muscles.


The relaxation massages can also be given in duo form.

(Only bookable by mail or telephone)

Extra possibilities

An additional back scrub, foot scrub, or heat pack can be offered for certain massages:


Back scrub                             €12

Foot scrub                              €6

Heat pack for back               €7

Heat pack for feet                 €5

Shower afterwards                €7

(Soap, schampoo and towels are present)

60 min - €65

90 min - €80

60min -  €65

90 min - €80

70 min - €80

90min - €95

60 min - €65

125min - €130

60 min - €65

40 min - €45

60 min - €65

30 min - 35€

30 min - 35€

30 min - 35€

60 min - 130€

90 min - 170€

All massage oil used is 100% natural based on sweet almond oil.